Subaru has been a respected name in the world of motorsports as well as in the consumer automotive landscape. The brand has a well-earned reputation as a dominant force in the World Rally Championship racing series in addition to a long-established record for quality and reliability. While Subaru remained a lesser-known niche brand for decades, the introduction of the Impreza thrust the automaker into the automotive spotlight in Raleigh.

First gaining recognition in the WRC racing league, the Subaru Impreza dominated in its class with its innovative all-wheel-drive system. This system was years ahead of anything their competitors had to offer and showcased a whole new level of performance. It didn't take long for this highly capable system to transition to the street and the Subaru Impreza became an immediate sensation.

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The Impreza found popularity with the street-racing and import tuner crowds thanks to its tough drivetrain and high horsepower tuning potential. This popularity spurred the growth of a rich parts aftermarket, which benefits Impreza owners today.

In addition to the world-class performance of its all-wheel-drive system and potent horizontally opposed boxer engines, Subaru engineered the Impreza with a bullet-proof design and materials born from its rally racing heritage. This thoughtful engineering makes the Subaru Impreza one of the most reliable vehicles on the roads in Morrisville. In fact, noting some early issues with body rust, it is often jokingly commented that a Subaru will fall apart before it stops running.

The Impreza, and Subaru vehicles in general, retain some of the highest resale values on the market near Apex. The very low depreciation and the documented longevity of the Subaru Impreza make it an excellent choice in used vehicles. Although the used car prices for a Subaru may be higher than some competitor models, the value proposition presented by the Impreza remains very high. The highly efficient, yet responsive and powerful engine offers every type of buyer something that they can enjoy.

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