With summer on the horizon and the hottest months soon to arrive around Cary, Raleigh and Durham, now's a great time to have your oil changed at Johnson Subaru of Cary! The spring is one of the best and most effective times of the year to get your oil changed because it not only protects your engine from the dirty roads brought on by spring showers, it also allows you to drive with confidence throughout the summer knowing that your engine is properly equipped and lubricated for all the adventures that lie ahead of you. Whether you've traveled the suggested amount of miles since your last oil change or you want to get ahead of any upkeep in the months to come, we welcome you to come have your oil changed in our Cary, NC service center today!

Why is Changing My Oil Important?

Motor oil is commonly referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle because of the way it protects and keeps your engine performing properly. Motor oil's first function is to protect your engine. Working hand in hand with your oil filter, motor oil helps catch and keep dirt, debris and other pollutants from finding their way into your engine. When you wait too long to change your motor oil, that dirt and debris can clog the oil filter and find a way into the many moving components of your engine, damaging it and causing it to perform less efficiently before causing it to fail altogether. Your motor oil also works to lubricate and cool the many moving parts of your engine, preventing overheating and keeping it performing at the highest level.

Get Your Oil Changed at Johnson Subaru of Cary Today!

If you need to get your oil changed in Cary or close to Raleigh and Durham, we invite you to schedule a service appointment at Johnson Subaru of Cary and we'll get your oil changed with your choice of conventional or synthetic motor oil today!

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