There are many, many things to consider when in the market for a used car near Raleigh. Beginning with your budget and the type of vehicle that you want, it can be overwhelming to choose between so many different makes and models. But if you are in the market for a large wagon or a crossover SUV, you can save yourself a lot of time by taking a look at purchasing a used Subaru Ascent. As one of the most reliable and highest-ranked used crossovers featured in our used inventory, you will find everything you are looking for and more with this vehicle.

Save Money with the Purchase of a Pre-Owned Subaru Ascent

Subaru itself has long been known as a car maker that puts reliability, safety, and performance first. Famous for their all-weather capabilities, practical and straight forward design, and incredible handling and control, the Ascent more than lives up to the Subaru reputation. A used Ascent near Morrisville offers the buyer an opportunity to purchase a car that will serve them reliably and safely for many years to come, and at significant cost savings when compared to purchasing one new.

Benefits of Buying Used

While the Subaru Ascent maintains its value better than a lot of new cars, it is no exception to the depreciation that affects all new vehicles as soon as they are purchased. By opting to purchase a used Subaru Ascent instead of buying one brand new, you are already saving yourself thousands and thousands of dollars, while still owning a car that is only a few years old with a lot of miles left to give.

Because Subarus are built so well in the first place and often feature cutting edge safety features and advanced drive trains, suspensions, and other important features, a several-year-old Subaru often matches other manufacturer's current year models. So you can have peace of mind that you are not sacrificing safety or performance by buying a used Ascent, you are simply saving yourself a significant amount of money.

Schedule a Subaru Ascent Test Drive!

If you find yourself looking for a used crossover SUV in Apex that can take you anywhere, get you there safely, and maybe have a little fun while doing so, look no further than a used Subaru Ascent. Available now at our Johnson Subaru dealership in Cary, we invite drivers to contact or visit us in person to schedule a used Subaru Ascent test drive today!