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Subaru Engine Air Filters

You Subaru has a number of different components under that hood that all work in tandem to deliver capable, spirited and efficient performance. Which is why you, like so many other drivers around Cary, choose Subaru over the competition. Sadly nothing lasts forever and over the course of your Subaru's life, you will need to replace and change parts to ensure lasting performance. Subaru Factory Scheduled Maintenance is the easiest way to stay on top of what services and when your Subaru will need them. Like changing your engine air filter.

Changing your engine air filter is cheap and easy and goes a long way to keeping your Outback, WRX or Crosstrek running at its best for many miles to come. Raleigh drivers can easily swing by the parts center here at Johnson Subaru of Cary and pick up a new air filter. Or our service team will make sure to change it every 12-15,000 miles when your Subaru is in for service. By changing your engine air filter regularly a couple of things will happen. You will prolong the life of your BOXER engine which is the key to your Subaru's performance. A clean air filter will keep dirt out of the engine while also allowing air into the engine for the proper air-fuel mixture and spark plug ignition. If your filter is clogged or dirty your engine will produce more emissions and reduce your fuel economy. And everyone in Chapel Hill wants to maximize their fuel economy.

Clear the Air in Your Subaru with Regular Cabin Air Filter Service in Cary

Cabin air filters can be easy to ignore, but it's important to keep up with your car's cabin air filter and replace it regularly to help maintain a clean, healthy environment for you and your passengers inside your vehicle. Fortunately, changing your car's cabin air filter is a simple task for our team of expert Subaru technicians in Cary, so you can rely on us to help you and your loved ones breathe a bit easier during your trips around Raleigh.

What is Your Cabin Air Filter?

Your car's cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the air that enters your cabin through the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. Its catches contaminants like dust, pollen, smog, mold spores, and other things in the air outside that are far better off left where they are: outside. It can even catch debris like leaves!

Because your cabin air filter's purpose is to capture pollutants before they get into your car, it gets dirty over time and needs to be replaced. If neglected, your cabin air filter can get too dirty to function properly, and you'll notice when you start experiencing issues like reduced airflow through your climate control system and foul odors. This can be particularly troublesome if you have allergies or other respiratory issues.

When Should You Replace Your Cabin Air Filter?

We recommend changing your Subaru vehicle's cabin air filter every 12,000 miles or so to avoid the problems that can accompany a clogged filter. We also suggest scheduling a cabin air filter check at least once a year so that you can keep up with your filter's needs and know if it's nearing the end of its lifespan.

If you need a new cabin air filter near Durham, we can help you replace it or point you towards the right genuine Subaru part if you're a do-it-yourselfer!

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