If you enjoy having clean air in your vehicle whenever you drive in the Raleigh area, then replacing your cabin air filter periodically is essential. Subaru is known for its high-quality materials and parts, so when you look for a new cabin air filter in the Durham area, consider coming to Johnson Subaru of Cary for authentic Subaru parts. By keeping up with replacing your cabin air filter, you can enjoy clean air and a responsive heating and cooling system.

Discover the importance of changing your cabin air filter and why coming to our location near Morrisville is the right place to have it changed.


Chapel Hill drivers can have a good idea of when to replace their cabin air filters by keeping track of the interval of miles since their last change. Cabin air filters should be changed about every 12,000 miles or 5,000 miles if you drive in an area with a lot of pollutants. There are also signs that you can watch out for that may indicate that it's time for a replacement.

Some of these indicators include:

  • Musty odor in the cabin of your vehicle
  • Reduced air circulation inside your passenger compartment
  • Diminished heating or cooling performance
  • Cabin air intake ducting may begin to make a strange whistling sound

If you have experienced any of these signs, then it is most likely time for your next cabin air filter replacement.

You can count on our service experts to quickly and effectively replace your cabin air filter with minimal interruption to your day. If you're interested in completing the replacement yourself, then get in touch with our parts center, and they will set you up with a genuine Subaru air filter that has met Subaru's high standards.


Learn more about cabin air filter replacements and reach out to our service team if you have any questions!

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